ISOA Tech Clinics


During the (mostly) non-driving winter months, ISOA hosts a variety of technical clinics, presented by some of the Triumph world's most renowned and respected experts. Past and current clinics include Distributor Clinics, Differential Clinics, Ignition and Troubleshooting Clinics, Brake Clinics and the popular annual Carb and Tune-Up Clinics.

These are not just "sit around and drink coffee" clinics, (although plenty of coffee and more is usually available), these are Hands On clinics. You'll have the chance to work on your own car, and learn and have fun at the same time. You can learn how to rebuild and adjust the pre-load on your "final drive", test and plot advance curves on Miss Sunshine, (ISOA's fully restored Sun Distributor testing machine), learn the theory and differences between DOT 3 and DOT 5 brake fluids and when and how to convert to the newer silicon-based fluids, rebuild worn out Stromberg and SU carburetors, and learn how to tune your car using ISOA's exhaust gas analyzer.

Check out more Tech Clinic Photos here! Check back often for additional photos.