Becoming part of ISOA is cheap and easy, much like our members. You can download our membership application: just print, fill it out and send it in. Some of the amazing benefits of membership include:

Technical Sessions
ISOA holds many technical sessions throughout the year. Among the regular sessions are carb and transmission rebuilding, tune-up day, and bodywork clinics. Other sessions have included information and hands-on learning about electrical systems, differentials, and hubs.

Social Events
Believe it or not, there are other things to do beyond keeping our cars on the road. We are never void of a creative way to have fun. ISOA sponsors a number of family-oriented social activities. Some of them include picnics, movie nights, camping, fall color tours, brunch tours, antique shopping, and other activities suggested by members.

Our Award-Winning Newsletter
With your membership you receive 12 issues of Snic Braaapp, ISOA's award-winning newsletter. It contains information ranging from event reports to technical articles to general Triumph stories. ISOA also publishes a full color calendar of member cars as well as a "glove box" sized membership directory.

Fellowship and Awards
Since the bar is set pretty low for membership, you can be assured of fitting right in without much effort. At our meetings we also present prestigous awards to members who have helped or hindered the Triumph community in some way. Voting is via a show of hands or hoots/hollers. Since this is Chicago, multiple votes are encouraged.